Algebraic Geometry, Warsaw 1960 - 2015

March 19 - 20, 2015

The aim of the meeting is to celebrate awarding the honorary doctorate of the University of Warsaw to Professor Andrzej Szczepan Bialynicki-Birula who is the founder of the algebraic geometry group in Warsaw.

Speakers: Michel Brion (Grenoble), Helene Esnault (Berlin), Vladimir Popov (Moscow), Andrzej Schinzel (Warsaw), Andrzej Skowronski (Torun), Andrew Sommese (Notre Dame), Jerzy Weyman (Connecticut), Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk (West Lafayette).


  • Thursday, March 19
    • Michel Brion, Local properties of algebraic group actions
    • Andrzej Schinzel, On the congruence f(x)+g(y)+c=0 (mod xy)
  • official ceremony at Rector's office, at 12:00
  • Friday, March 20
    • Andrzej Skowronski, Periodic Algebras
    • Andrew Sommese, Numerical Algebraic Geometry
    • Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk, Generalized implicit function theorem and singularities
    • Helene Esnault, Convergent isocrystals on simply connected varieties
    • Vladimir Popov, Algebraic subgroups of the Cremona groups
    • Jerzy Weyman, Semi-invariants of quivers, cluster algebras and the hive model
Download abstracts of talks.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support of the Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science.